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2003-04 Fleer LeBron James Lucky 13

Date posted: May 03, 2010
Card type: Insert of 2003-04 Fleer

LeBron James Lucky 13

The LeBron James 2003-04 Fleer Lucky 13 card is a very nice die cut from his rookie year. The card comes in both standard and die cut styles with the standard being a rarer and more valuable parallel to the die cut card.

As with many first year cards it features a posed photo of LeBron from before he had taken to the NBA court in an official game.

It is a popular card and looks spectacular among a serious LeBron James cards collection. Check out my LeBron James price guide for an estimate of the amount you will pay to buy this card online.

This LeBron insert rookie card comes in at number six in my top ten LeBron James cards and will make an excellent addition to your collection.

2003-04 LeBron James Fleer Lucky 13 card for sale on eBay

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