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Hello and welcome to LeBron James cards. This website actually had its beginnings based in Michael Jordan Cards. was started to help me track down eBay listings of various cards on my want list. I set up the site to periodically download eBay listing feeds and alert me to the cards I was after.

Before I knew it I had shared the tool online and it quickly became a popular card location tool for Michael Jordan Cards. I also set up a blog where I posted information about the collecting industry with particular focus on buying and selling cards online. I found the information became very useful for new and returning collectors as well as aspiring card dealers.

The popularity of LeBron James meant I often received queries regarding LeBron cards. I also began to become interested in the cards on offer of the other popular number 23.

So it was a natural progression to set up this website for LeBron James collectors - to offer the same popular information and card listing location that Michael Jordan collectors found so useful.

Here you will find links to current popluar LeBron James cards available now on eBay. There is also a LeBron James cards blog where we will post information dealing with all aspects of both collecting and dealing in LeBron James basketball cards.

And then there is the LeBron James want list. This tool is where you can list the cards you would like to add to your collection with complete privacy. Each time you return, the website will display any cards available for sale on eBay that match any of your want list - no more continual searching on eBay for that bargain!

Recently I have also added the LeBron James Cards Price Guide. I will start with his rookie cards and work my way toward the present listing the value of LeBron James cards online. This information will take into account many factors and give you an idea of the card's worth online.

I hope you find this website useful and good luck tracking down some awesome LeBron James cards!
Matt Cassidy

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