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Welcome to LeBron James basketball cards where we talk about everything to do with collecting LeBron James cards. We are also the site to use if you are looking to find a LeBron James rookie card, LeBron James auto card or LeBron James game used jersey card for sale online.

We have a blog about collecting LeBron James Cards with specific attention given to buying and selling cards online. Don't forget to check out our regularly featured LeBron James card too where we will look at some of the awesome cards on offer.

But that's not all... we also have a free LeBron James Cards price guide were we list the approximate value if you are looking to buy LeBron James Cards online through sites like eBay. This is also the price you may get if you sell LeBron James Cards online.

Featured LeBron James Cards Collection

High end collection

A collector takes us through his high end basketball card collection.

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Why Collect LeBron James Memorabilia?

LeBron James is one of the NBA's most talented and popular baketball players - some say his skills are on par (or even exceed) the great Michael Jordan. If Jordan's memorbilia is anything to go by, LeBron James memorabilia will continue to grow in value over time.

Many of LeBron James' basketball cards are highly sought after collectors' items - particularly his rare numbered patch and autograph cards.

Basketball cards are also much more than photographs of various palyers. Basketball cards are a record of history - history in the making now with talented players like LeBron James!

We at LeBron James cards will link you in with current bargains available and give you tips and hints on collecting basketball cards.

No doubt LeBron James will be one day inducted into the NBA hall of fame right next to the likes of Jordan, Johnson and Bird. Now is the time to build your collection - enjoy the hunt and reap the financial benefits over time!




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Featured LeBron James Card

Bowman 2003-04 LeBron James Gold Rookie card

The current featured LeBron James card is the 2003-04 Fleer LeBron James Lucky 13.

An very nice looking addition to your collection and fairly commonly available for sale online. This card comes in at number 6 in my top 10 LeBron James cards.

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LeBron James Miami Heat cards available on eBay now

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LeBron James and the Miami Heat

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Anyone who is new to collecting LeBron James cards might be wondering what all the fuss about 'graded cards' or 'BGS' or 'PSA' cards is. This post will discuss card grading and attempt to arm you with all the information to buy graded LeBron James cards...

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Now is the best time to buy LeBron James cards

The quiet period for LeBron James cards sales has begun which can mean great bargains are available for collectors.

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