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LeBron James Cards » Featured LeBron James Cards » 2003-04 Bowman LeBron James Gold Rookie Card

2003-04 Bowman LeBron James Gold Rookie Card

Date posted: Feb 16, 2010
Card type: Insert of 2003-04 Bowman

Bowman 2003-04 LeBron James Gold Rookie card

This rare LeBron James rookie is an excellent parallel to the standard Bowman LeBron James RC. As a parallel the card is identical except that this card features gold foil which will make it truly stand out in your collection.

The card also has a photo which makes use of photographic techniques to accentuate LeBron's size making him look even more like a towering foe than he already is.

To top all this off the card typically sells for only around $10 more than the standard LeBron Rookie card - it will sell for around the $30 mark on eBay.

This LeBron rookie card comes in at number nine in our top ten LeBron James cards - a must for all true LeBron collectors and not hard to track down for sale online.

2003-04 LeBron James Bowman Gold Rookie card for sale on eBay

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