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Date posted: June 6, 2011

Regular readers will know that I'm a big believer in documenting your favorite player's career through your personal collection. Without a doubt adding cards featuring LeBron James playing in the NBA finals to your collection is an easy way to document some of the high points of LeBron's career - all the greater if he and the Heat make it all the way this year!

Back in the 90's we had a huge amount of 'Finals' cards available - both inserts and special base cards, Michael Jordan has some great options! These cards used photography of the finals games and acted as a documentation of history capturing the two spectacular Chicago Bulls dynastys. Every great Jordan cards collection features some of these!

Unfortunately however there aren't a great deal of options available of LeBron playing in the finals for the Cavaliers. Those that are available are very nice though and regularly available on eBay for sale. With any luck over the coming seasons the cards available will increase.

Below we have the 2006 Upper Deck 'The Finals - Past and Future' which also features Michael Jordan flying for a similar dunk as LeBron - a very cool card! We also have the 2007 Upper Deck 'The Finals' card.

2006 Upper Deck LeBron James The Finals Then And Now   2007 Upper Deck LeBron James The Finals

Both are great cards featuring LeBron playing in the NBA Finals - they're regularly available for sale online for less than $10.

Be sure to check back next year as there will no doubt be plenty of spectacular NBA Finals cards featuring LeBron James playing for the Miami Heat. At 2 games to 1 at this stage, if James, Wade and Bosh have their way we will see some featuring the Heat taking the 2010-11 Championship!


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