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LeBron James Jersey Cards

Date posted: April 7, 2011

As I have mentioned in previous posts collecting basketball cards should act somewhat as a record of history. The cards in your collection should document your favorite player’s career in - all the more rewarding when you can collect the cards themselves at the time of release!

One aspect of LeBron James’ career that is very easy and rewarding to make a standout part of your collection is the various jerseys that he has worn throughout his basketball career. Not only can you collect cards with images of LeBron wearing these jerseys but it has become very common for card manufacturers to include actual pieces of game used jerseys as part of the card.

Don’t think that adding cards featuring actual game used jersey swatches will cost a fortune either - as you will see they can be very easy to obtain!

LeBron James High School Jersey Cards

As you know LeBron finished high school and entered straight into the NBA in 2003. So there is no college jersey available - having not attended college himself - however we have some nice options available featuring LeBron in his number 23 Saint Vincent - Saint Mary (Irish) high school jersey!

On top of this Upper Deck was able to locate game used high school jerseys to include actual swatches in some of the cards - now that has to be a must have addition to all great LeBron James collections!

Below are three very nice options for adding cards featuring LeBron in his high school jersey to your collection. Here we have the 2003 Saint Vincent - Saint Mary High School card, 2003-04 Upper Deck LeBron’s Diary and the very nice 2003 SP Game Used High School Jersey which includes an actual swatch of a jersey from LeBron’s high school game days.

LeBron James Saint Vincent Saint Mary High School Card   2003-04 LeBron's Diary   
2003 SP LeBron James High School Game Used Jersey

The St Vincent - St Mary sells for around $50, 03-04 LeBron’s Diary around $3 and the 03 SP high school swatch around $100.

These cards may be available online right now:

LeBron James Cavaliers Jersey Cards

The bulk of LeBron James cards to date feature LeBron in his number 23 Cleveland Cavaliers jersey - purely due to the fact that thus far he has spent the most time playing professionally in this iconic jersey.

There is an abundance of game used jersey cards available such as the fine specimens below. Here we have the 2005-06 SP Game Used Jersey card, 2006-07 Upper Deck UD Reserve Patch card and the 2009-10 Panini Certified Jersey card.

2005-06 SP LeBron James Game Used Jersey   2006-07 UD Reserve Patch LeBron James
2009-10 LeBron James Panini Certified

Many great cards jersey can be added to your collection for between $30 and $150 - a small amount considering you are getting a piece of actual memorabilia along with the card!

These cards may be available online right now:

LeBron James All-Star Jersey Cards

LeBron James was picked for his first NBA All-Star game in the 2004-05 season playing for the Eastern All-Stars. He has played as a member of this team since and as a result there are plenty of great cards available featuring LeBron in the Eastern All-Star jersey.

Below are a couple of nice samples: 2007-08 SP All-Star which features a patch of LeBron’s All-Star jersey and the 2008-09 Fleer All-Star Sensations.

2007-08 SP LeBron James All Star Jersey   2008-09 Fleer LeBron James All Star Sensation

The 2007-08 jersey patch card sells for between $30 and $50 and the 2008-09 Fleer card can be bought for a couple of dollars.

These cards may be available online right now:

LeBron James Miami Heat Jersey Cards

In 2010 LeBron James became a free agent and filed the paperwork with the NBA to have his jersey number changed from 23 to 6 out of respect to Michael Jordan. Several teams courted James and he eventually joined the Miami Heat for the 2010-11 season. Obviously a massive part of LeBron’s career, this change should certainly become a showpiece in your collection.

There is a bounty of great new cards available featuring LeBron on the new Miami Heat number 6 jersey. Some nice samples below include: 2010-11 Playoff Contenders Patches, 2010-11 Rookies and Stars Stardom and the 2010-11 Donruss Emerald Die Cut.

2010-11 Playoff Contenders Patches LeBron James   2010-11 Rookies and Stars Stardom LeBron James
2010-11 Donruss Emerald Die Cut LeBron James

These cards can usually be added to your collection for less than $10.

These cards may be available online right now:

A couple of other nice LeBron James Miami Heat jersey cards include the 1/25 Donruss Elite National Convention Redemption (Blue), 1/50 Donruss Elite National Convention Redemption (Green), 1/499 Donruss Elite National Convention Redemption (Gray), 2009-10 Panini Update which you can about in my previous post: LeBron James Miami Heat Jersey cards.

I hope you’ve found some great new gems to add to your collection!


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