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LeBron James rookie cards

Date posted: June 02, 2010

In the past decade or so basketball cards have become very highly produced - perhaps even over produced. The major brands have absorbed some of the smaller brands and all run many varying sets every season. Some collectors feel this is a bad thing as the hobby has become saturated with many options. This is true however there is an upside to this trend.

With the proliferation of many different options as far as sets available goes we also get to enjoy an abundance of rookie cards available for the season's hot new stars. LeBron James was certainly a rookie of this era - LBJ has an abundance of spectacular rookie cards.

LeBron James Base Rookie Cards

With all of the sets available we have a plethora of great LeBron James rookie cards available. This cards are common yet remain spectacular showpieces in any collection. To boot many can be added to your collection at very reasonable prices.

LeBron James Rookie Card    LeBron James Rookie Card

LeBron James Autographed Rookie Cards

Unheard of in the early years of the basketball card collecting hobby we now enjoy rookie cards personally autographed by our new stars. Some even include dual autograph rookie cards where stars of the past are paired with stars of the future - these cards are stunning showpieces in any collection! What better piece in a collection than a rare rookie card signed by the upcoming star himself?

Exquisite LeBron James Auto Rookie Card     Upper Deck LeBron James Auto Rookie Card

LeBron James Insert Rookie Cards

Inserts are always nice showpieces in a collection. For many years, however, rookies did not receive many inserts - not so for LeBron James. There is a nice range of insert cards for LeBron James produced in his rookie year. These include die cuts, refractors, gold cards and very rare cards.

LeBron James Rookie Insert Card   LeBron James Insert Rookie Card

I hope this post has given you some further ideas regarding great LeBron cards to add to your collection. He has such a varying range of awesome rookie cards available that there is something out there for every collector!

Good luck and happy collecting!


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