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LeBron James autograph cards

Date posted: May 03, 2010

No serious LeBron James card collection is complete without a piece of history held and signed by LBJ himself. Your collection by nature should document history and this has to be the ultimate way to do that. With LeBron most likely changing his number to 6 next season an great collection needs an auto card featuring both 23 and 6 when available!

There is a lot involved in choosing an autograph card and if you're new to buying signed cards online this post will give you tips and ideas to consider before you spend some serious cash.

  • There are fake LeBron James auto cards out there. I have seen some very obvious fake autos in my collecting time. Be very careful about cards that fans say they have had signed themselves. Take into account the reputation of the seller and ask plenty of questions before buying. Better yet only buy officially signed (Upper Deck) cards preferably graded by BGS or PSA.
  • Check the condition of the autograph itself. When buying an auto card you need to look further than the condition of the card itself (centring, surface, corners and edges). Also carefully check the signature for tidiness and any streaks. Players can sign hundreds of cards in one sitting so it can be very easy for them to make mistakes or cause untidy streaks.
  • Autographed card grading. As stated above the quality of the autograph will dictate (to some extent) the quality of the overall card just as the usual factors. As a result some grading companies will grade the signature itself as well as the card. A seller may choose to have the card graded, the card and signature graded, or just the signature graded. Don't let a seller try and tell you that a BGS 10 for a signature alone is rare - it is fairly standard.
    The Michael Jordan auto card on the left below has been graded a 10 for its signature only - the owner has chosen not to have the card itself graded. The card on the right has been graded a 9 of the card itself and a 10 for the signature.
    LeBron James Auto BGS   Michael Jordan auto only grade
  • On sticker autograph cards. Due to the logistics involved in having a sporting star sign cards some companies choose not to have the player sign the actual card itself. Instead they have the player sign a sheet full of clear stickers. The clear stickers are then adhered to the cards by company staff.
    Personally I don't like that this is done. The card itself should be in the possession of the player when signed - not just a sheet of stickers. Determining whether an auto is on card or on sticker can be very difficult. Look closely at any imagery supplied by the seller and always ask plenty of questions.
    The card on the left below is a very obvious on sticker auto. The card on the right is also an on sticker auto - notice the very faint outline of the sticker around the signature. This shows how hard it can be to tell from a photo alone.
    LeBron James on sticker auto    Lebron James on sticker auto

If you keep all of these points in mind while looking into buying any LeBron James autograph card I am sure you will add the perfect showpiece to your collection. Below are a few more links that might help you in your search - happy collecting!

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