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LeBron James Cards » Blog » LeBron James offically applies to change his jersey number

LeBron James offically applies to change his jersey number

Date posted: Apr 30, 2010

Back in February we discussed why LeBron James chose the number 23 and his plans to change it in honor of Michael Jordan. It was still unclear as to whether LeBron would go ahead and whether his application to switch to his Olymipc jersey number 6 would be accepted by the NBA.

Well it is now official - at least as far as LeBron's application goes. LBJ has filed the paperwork, meeting the NBA's deadline to request a change to his jersey number for next season - this change was out of respect to Michael Jordan. This coincides with LeBron also becoming a free agent so it will be very interesting to see how it all pans out in the coming months.

This change will be an excellent collecting opportunity for LeBron James fans! Not only will there now be a second jersey available (which was very popular with Kobe Bryant fans when he switched from 8 to 24) but the cards available will earn a new dimension.

LeBron's rare number 23 cards will no doubt become more sought after as they will no longer be produced. And his new number 6 cards will become popular as everyone wants to add this new piece of history to their collection.

On top of that we all know that LeBron James features his jersey number as part of his autograph. This will no doubt change to reflect his new number 6 jersey creating some very nice collecting opportunities.

I will post further news as we approach next season and the impact of LeBron's request on the card collecting hobby. Happy collecting everyone.

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