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Now is the best time to buy LeBron James cards

Date posted: Apr 09, 2010

Typically the trading card marketplace, and particularly star players like LeBron James, sees sales values and card availability sky rocket over the Christmas holiday period. This tends to extend from November until February the following year.

It seems that over this period people spend more on luxury items (either for themselves or as gifts) which includes basketball cards. This also seems to extend into further interest in collecting which doesn't tend to decline until the second and third quarters of the following year.

This is important information for the discerning collector and basketball card dealer.

As a LeBron James cards collector

While there will likely be less available the cards that are available will have less buyers interested (and therefore less bidding not pushing the price higher) on online auction sites such as eBay. This can be a great time of year to keep a sharp eye out for those cards you keep getting outbid on. I have had a lot of luck scoring great bargains in the quieter period!

You also might find the LeBron James cards want list tool on this website useful. You enter the cards you are looking for and each time you return the tool will display matching cards available to you.

I also have a section on this website with popular cards available for sale on eBay: Buy LeBron James Cards.

Dealing in LeBron James cards

If you are a dealer or are interested in dealing in LeBron James cards this time of year is your best time to pick up some bargain bulk lots. A lot of dealers buy cards now to hold onto until the holiday period when they can sell them at profit. You might be interested in my blog post: Becoming a LeBron James cards dealer.

Best of luck tracking down some great bargains - happy collecting!

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