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LeBron James Cards » Blog » Awesome LeBron James cards collections part one

Awesome LeBron James cards collections part one

Date posted: Jan 28, 2010

In this post we have brought together a series of videos of collectors showing off their high end LeBron James cards. We will also feature some spectacular box breaks - you can seriously feel the excitment build as the collector rip the pack apart to find an unreal LeBron card!

We think there is no better way to check out a collection than to be taken through it by the collector him or her self. So enjoy these videos - you'll no doubt be off to by some more cards shortly after!

Mailday for a collector

This collector traded with a fellow YouTube user and has put up a video unpacking the card - a very very nice auto.


Equisite box break from a Taiwan card shop

Awesome box break - not in English but it really doesn't matter... wow!

High end collection

A collector takes us through his high end basketball card collection.

James, Wade, Anthony Personal Collection

A collector takes us through his awesome collection.

Jordan, LeBron, Kobe Collection

A massive collection spanning many decades - nice.



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