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How to become a LeBron James cards dealer

Date posted: Jan 22, 2010

If you enjoy collecting LeBron James cards then becoming a dealer might be the side business and hobby that is just right for you. As a dealer you get to scour the internet and card shows looking for top bargains to then onsell at a profit. All the while building your reputation among the community and growing your own collection by either keeping the best cards or investing profits back into it.

So what is involved in getting into this increasingly competitive industry...

  1. Know what you are selling. You need to know what is popular and what sorts of prices you can expect to sell individual cards for. Our LeBron James cards price guide might help you with this. You can also watch auctions on eBay and use eBay's completed listing data.
  2. Become well versed in determining and describing the condition of a card. To build your reputation and thus you sales values you must become a trustworthy dealer. If you are able to accurately and honestly describe the card you have for sale you will quickly become a trusted member of the community.
  3. Source your stock. This is the fun part!Bulk lots sold on websites such as eBay present the best value for money when it comes to sourcing stock. Find some reputable sellers who deal in bulk lots to source stock. We have some current bulk lot eBay listings available at the end of this post.
  4. Take your time when your start to sell cards online. Learning what works and what doesn't will take some trial and error. It is a good idea to begin with lower valued cards as you build your reputation. We have a couple of other blog posts which might help you at this stage:

All the best of luck getting into LBJ cards dealing!

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