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Top 10 LeBron James Cards

Date posted: Jan 14, 2010

In general the best of the best LeBron James cards are too far out of reach for the bulk of the collecting community - some of his best cards sell for up to $10 000 on eBay! This is a result of the trend toward extremely rare short printed autograph and patch cards available in today's releases.

So in compiling our list of the top ten LeBron James cards we have decided to focus on cards that most collectors could add to their collection without visiting the bank to apply for a personal loan. Here are our top ten LeBron James basketball cards that typically sell for $150 and less on eBay.

10: Flair 2003-04 LeBron James Wave of the Future

Flair 2003-04 LeBron James Wave of the FutureTypically available for around $15 this unique styled card will truly stand out in your collection. It is a LeBron rookie year card featuring a freshly out of high school James ready to take on the NBA and show us all what he's got.

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9: Bowman 2003-04 LeBron James Gold Rookie card

Bowman 2003-04 LeBron James Gold Rookie cardIn the typical pose of a rookie yet to actually hit the court in a professional basketball game this card uses photographic techniques to accentuate LeBron's size. Even without anyone else on the court this card manages to make James look like a towering foe! To top it off a nice gold parallel rookie card is a must for any serious LBJ collector.

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8: Topps 2005-06 LeBron James In-Hand

Topps 2005-06 LeBron James In-HandA very unique style gives this card its appeal. With varying views depending on the angle which you use to look at the card. This is also an inexpensive addition to your collection.

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7: Topps 2008-09 LeBron James Chrome Refractor

Topps 2008-09 Chrome RefractorOwn a card featuring on of LeBron's signature pre-game acts - afterall your collection should be a record of history. This card is limited to 499 and can be included into your collection without too much expense.

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6: Fleer Ultra 2003-04 LeBron James Gold Medalion Lucky 13

Fleer Ultra 2003-04 Gold Medalion Lucky 13A nice looking gold die cut card from LeBron's rookie year. Not too expensive at around $50.

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5: Upper Deck 2007-08 LeBron James Chronology Jersey card

Upper Deck 2007-08 LeBron James Chronology Jersey cardTo have a jersey card in your collection is a must. This great card not only features two patches of LeBron's jersey but also highlights his famous jersey number. To top it all off you can add this card to your collection for less that $100.

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4: Bowman Chrome LeBron James Xfractor

Bowman Chrome LeBron James XfractorA very unique design earns this card a spot at number four. To top it off it is not a hugely expensive card to add to your collection even though it is quite rare. You can expect to pay between $25 and $50 for a very nice copy of this card which is limited to a print run of 150.

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3: Upper Deck 2003-04 LeBron James Die Cut All-Star

2007-08 Upper Deck LeBron James Die Cut All StarAs any regular readers of our sites will know - we are a big fans of this style of card. The key design has been in use by Upper Deck since the early 90's and as a result there are plenty of stars with cards like this. The 03-04 LBJ version comes from his rookie year making predictions of his future - a must for serious collectors.

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2: E-X 2006-07 LeBron James Jambalaya

E-X 2006-07 LeBron James JambalayaThis card is a spectacular die-cut and rare LeBron James card. As with all cards on this list it will stand out as a showpiece in your collection. At one card per case it is very rare. Expect to pay around $100 on eBay.

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1: 2003-04 Upper Deck LeBron James Employee Thank You card

2003-04 Upper Deck LeBron James Employee Thank You cardThe number one LeBron James card under $150 (though it can go considerably higher) has to be from his rookie year - a card that records history! We have chosen the Upper Deck Employee Thank You Card. This is not a card you can pull from a pack - Upper Deck annually gives its employees an end of year gift in the form of a serial numbered card. Numbered to 450 this card features two swatches of game used memorabilia from LeBron's rookie year - now that has to be a show piece in itself in the decades to come!

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