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LeBron James Cards » Blog » Top six tips for buying LeBron James Cards online

Top six tips for buying LeBron James Cards online

Date posted: Nov 09, 2009

It's not at all uncommon - I know that I have done - you see that card finally available. You've been searching for it for ages and it has finally appeared, the bids are low and there's only a few hours left on the auction. You place a bid... but did you properly check the quality of the card or the seller's reputation? Is there a reason the bids are low...?

To try and make sure this doesn't happen here is my top six point to keep in mind - particularly when the card is a rarity which may seem too good to be true.

  • The card in the photo should be the card you will receive. A good dealer will always state in their listing if the card in the photo is the actual card. If it is not stated then you should ask the seller before bidding. You should only ever by a card unseen if you completely trust the dealer and have had good dealings with them in the past.
  • Make sure the photo is large and clear. You need to be able to see the state of the corners and make sure there are no obvious scratches on the surface. Low resolution mobile phone photos are not good enough for this!
  • Preferably the photo should not be cropped to the edges of the card. I like the photo to have the card on a very contrasting background. That way I can clearly see the condition of the corners and edges to make an assessment of the quality of the card to me.
  • Take into consideration the reputation of the dealer. If you know a merchant will provide an excellent service and has a reputation to keep up you know the card is likely to be accurately described in the listing. Test the waters with different merchants a little before you take the plunge on high ticket items.
  • Buy grade 8+ BGS and PSA graded cards. When a card is well graded by a company with a high reputation you know exactly what to expect. These cards also re-sell well and are easier to look after.
  • If the card is regularly available make sure you watch a few auctions to get an idea of the online value. Cards are usually worth less than book value online due to many factors. So it can be hard to determine what an acceptable price will be. Alternatively you could look the card up in our LeBron James Cards Price Guide. Here we will list the approximate price you could expect to pay for the card online.

I hope you find those steps useful, and if you are a LeBron James card dealer yourself, employing them may even help generate higher sales for you.

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